What Design Means To Me

Design is a decorative pattern, a visual look, or a shape given to a certain object to make it more attractive, more comfortable, or improve another characteristic.

Components of Design

The design has more to just patterns, colors, pencils, arrangements…
Design is centered on her users which is the heart of design.

Design to me is a process of envisioning and planning the creation of objects, interactive systems, buildings... It is about creating solutions for people, physical items, or more abstract systems to address a need or a problem. Design is created to solve a problem other than putting colors together to give an attractive visual look.

To have a good design, it requires certain requirements to get this done.
Designs are not made to please the eyes, it focuses on needs, it requires thinking process, creativity, passion, understanding the users' requirements and need. Design is a problem solver.

Good design solves a problem
It requires Research
It requires Brainstorming
It requires Visions and Ideas
It requires Collaboration
It requires Passion
It requires Thinking
It requires Interaction
It requires a Design to bring the vision and ideas to life.

Design has more than the interface seen out there.

I applied for the WEJAPA Internship and I got accepted to be part of this year’s Internship. I just started but I must say, I thank the stars for not missing this. The coordination is really amazing, how can I forget the learning part, the materials provided are ones that will skyrocket your knowledge.

I must thank the team for this amazing opportunity.
With the way things are, I know I have a lot to learn and this Internship is a good place to boost my career as a product designer and I can’t afford to miss a bit of it.

I hope to achieve the best out of this Internship and my career.