Few weeks ago I was watching one of #RussellBrunson Sales Funnel Video on YouTube when he mentioned how he sorted for a successful funnel hack and modelled it.


You know, Time is too expensive lately to start looking out for what works out and what doesn’t. Some might eat up 3 years of your time before you’d figure out what pattern works out so well then you’d start implementing and after which you’d wait for it to start giving results and all the drama and trust me, If we should calculate this whole thing, you would have spent lots of time, money and more.

So another #Hack to start your dream business is to look and model.

Don’t spend the whole day trying out lucks, there are a thousand and one businesses who has gone through thick and thin to figure out all the odd patterns so why go into it again?

Don’t know how to start? Check my previous posts and get started.

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